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The University is a place for dreams, according to the late Cardinal Basil Hume.  It is a time for spiritual as well as academic growth.  Mathewson House recognizes this and seeks to help students in this pursuit.

Specifically, Mathewson House offers students the opportunity to deepen their spiritual life and grow in their knowledge of the Catholic faith.  The activities and programs we offer encourage and foster a number of basic themes which appear to be of particular relevance at this time: Since 1987, many university men have used Mathewson House as a resource for deepening their faith and linking it with their intellectual life.  We are here to be of service and would be happy to share what we have learned so that your university experience is both academically enriching and spiritually fruitful.  
“Your institution [Opus Dei] has as its aim the sanctification of one’s life, while remaining within the world at one’s place of work and profession: to live the Gospel in the world, while living immersed in the world, but in order to transform it, and to redeem it with one’s personal love for Christ. This is truly a great ideal…”
Pope John Paul II

“It is very easy to speak and teach this, difficult to do it; very difficult use this world as not abusing it, to be active and diligent in this world’s affairs, yet not for this world’s sake, but for God’s sake.  It requires the greater effort for a minister of Christ to speak of it, for this reason;because he is not called upon in the same sense in which others are to practice the duty.”

 John Henry Cardinal Newman

“Many, not to say most, within this technical world, have capitulated interiorly by giving up prayer.  The Christians determined to persevere in it groan under the too great burden of external demands made on them if they want to compete with others who neither have nor allow time for prayer and thought.  A synthesis between prayer and godless more and more becoming an extraordinary attainment of the heroic few, and even so only for a limited time; it seems an impossible demand to make on a larger number of people.”

 Han Urs von Balthasar

“..we insist that regular reading of a suitable sort plays a more and more important part in the life of Catholics today, and that for the educated it is well nigh essential for their progress if not also for their salvation.”

 Eugene Boylan

“Faith is not a theoretical conviction beside which thought and conduct may go their separate ways.  Its goal is inner transformation according to God’s will.  If  this inner transformation does not occur at all, or if it occurs insufficiently, there arises a contradiction between conduct and faith which causes faith gradually to collapse.”

 Romano Guardini

“The purpose of having a plan for one’s spiritual life isn’t to enforce conformity but to provide a framework for creativity…a person who is serious about the spiritual life recognizes the need for a strategy - a plan within which he can bring creativity to bear on the process of spiritual growth.”

  Joseph Cardinal Bernadin

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